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Tamahl A. Granger better known by his abbreviated stage name Mahl G, is an accredited songwriter & hip hop artist. He is an astute businessman & a flourishing entrepreneur. While augmenting his net worth, he’s also in the laboratory as we speak creating his 3rd project & the best hip hop mix tape ever entitled “Money Back Guarantee”.

Originally from Prince St. in Newark, NJ, Mahl grew up fast at an early age. He saw crack viles & dope needles on the ground daily, dead bodies in the street, went to sleep to machine gun fire, etc. By the time he was 8 yrs of age he starting incorporating his surroundings into rap lyrics that he used to wow kids & adults at school. It was then that Mahl discovered that he had a scarce talent.

Mahl went to high school in Plainsboro, NJ. He played ball everyday at the park with Andrew Bynum of the World Champion L.A. Lakers. He then moved to Trenton, NJ & began living the "fast life". The streets got too hot, so Mahl enlisted into the U.S. Army at 20 yrs of age. After he came home he went right back to the block. Mahl was making money in the hood & the suburbs as well. Things changed though with several jail visits & his friends converting to Bloods then turning on him. He decided to change his ways & give all his energy to his first love: music.

In 2006, Mahl G released his first LP entitled “The Next Big Thing”. It was an album full of hurt, anguish, grief, agony, frustration as he described his tribulations in the streets & his alcohol troubles. In 2008, Mahl released a 2nd project entitled “Undeniable”. During this course Mahl associated himself with many industry contacts such as Sony BMG, G-Unit Records, Ruff Ryders, D-Block, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, Philadelphia International Records, & others. The motivation behind Mahl now is to write many hit songs for major artists in multiple genres & to become the best rapper ever! Mahl states, “Hip hop is still looking for the next Tupac. Hip Hop is still looking for the next Biggie Smalls. Hip hop is still looking for the next Jay-Z. Well I’m here now, so look no further.” Sounds like the Grammy Awards, the BET Awards, the MTV Movie Awards, the Soul Train Music Awards, the VH1 Music Awards, & the Academy Awards need to put MAHL G on the trophies right now and set them aside!

Location: New York

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