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If you are interested in rock and pop music, we at Crazy Wolf Entertainment, the music mediators entertainment agency, can help your corporate event, event planning, private engagement, or outdoor festival, by handling all aspects of your booking entertainment needs. We also book entertainment nationwide and if need be, Crazy Wolf Entertainment can guide you or produce your next event. Our executive roster of entertainment includes some of the finest musicians suitable for your next business event, entertainmentplanning, corporate event entertainment, or office party planning. Crazy Wolf Entertainment have some of the top, experienced, professional, mediators to help you. We specialize in corporate event management, event organizing, or event planning. If this is your first time event, we have the capability to have one of our corporate event specialists successfully manage for you a turn key operation. We are nationwide and route bands as well, which will allow you the best prices available. Crazy Wolf Entertainment and our professional, experienced staff will always try to work within your budget range.

Now that you're ready to book your next corporate entertainment event from our exclusive roster, we suggest that you fill out our Talent Request form, so that we can review your request and be able to meet your needs and give you the best, most memorable, and successful corporate event ever.

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Georgia Red Clay
Georgia Red Clay
Georgia Red Clay was formed in February of 2012. With a unique sound and style, GRC has become known for their originals and their twists on favorite cover tunes. Starting slowly on the local scene, GRC has quickly become one of the most sought after and popular bands in the area. There is nowhere to go but up for this rising band, so look for them to be playing near you! The band Georgia Red Clay -- whose band members hail from Lilburn, Lawrenceville and Buford - are already gathering quite a following.

Brian Warner, 25, is joined by his younger brother, Eric Warner, 21, on lead guitar.William Bosler (Billy) on bass guitar and backup vocals and Daniel McGill on drums complete the band. Sometimes performing on his own, Brian Warner brings his own sound to the blend of Southern Rock and Modern Country that is GRC.

Being from Georgia, there are A LOT of musical influences here, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, Zac Brown Band, Collective Soul, Black Crowes, Brantley Gilbert, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Hank Williams Sr., Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, and The Marshall Tucker Band, with whom GRC had the honor of performing in December of 2012. GRC had an AMAZING 2013 sharing the stage with the likes of The Marshall Tucker Band, Jason Michael Carroll, .38 Special,Joe Hall, Steel Magnolia Craig Morgan and 1000 Horses. 2014 is shaping up to be the best year yet.

You may find us in front of thousands or nestled in a corner of your favorite coffee shop picking out a new song.

Till we find you in the Clay.......

Man of Rain
Monnapule Norman Nosi

Born April 24, 1974

Origin Kimberley, South Africa

Music Genre(s) Soul Rock, Dance, World Music

Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Musician

Instrument(s) Vocals, Keyboard, Piano

Years active 2001-present

On Stage/Live-Performances Clubs and Bar Restaurants; Corporate and Business Events (e.g. Year-End Functions and Award Ceremonies), Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries and Funerals Promotional Events and Sports Competitions/Tournaments Music Concerts and Music Festivals

Stage Dress Code Formal Events - White Suit, white hat, white pair of shoes and white belt. Casual and other Events - A pair of Jeans, white sneakers, white hat and a Track-top

Facial Appearance Man of Rain keeps a shaven head and a chinned beard at all times.

Man of Rain was born Monnapule Norman Nosi on April 24, 1974. He is a South African Singer and Songwriter. The name Monnapule, is derived from a Setswana phrase “Monna-wa-Pula”, which means "Man of Rain".

Early Life Monnapule was born in Kimberley, part of the Francis Baard District Municipality (Northern Cape Province) in South Africa. He matriculated at the St Boniface High School in 1993 and obtained a National Certificate (N5) in Marketing Management at the Northern Cape Technical College in 1996. He worked for Statistics South Africa, from 1996 to 2000 and later worked for the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, from 2000 to present.

On 02 April 2003, Monnapule married Phumza Grace Nodom and in 2005, they were blessed with their first daughter, Karabo Nombulelo Nosi.

Music Career Monnapule has been an entertainer since the age of 9. He was inspired by various artists and bands such as Michael Jackson, Seal, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson e.t.c.

In 1984, Monnapule and his other two classmates, Oupa Trevor Hlakudi and the late Neo Vernon Monchusi (May His Soul Rest In Peace), formed a dance group called Break Dancers. They performed at a Stoop Concert that was held at the Saint Theresa Hall (Saint Peter’s Church).

Between 1988 and 1992, Monnapule was a Michael Jackson Impersonator. During the same period, he was introduced to the music of Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Meat Loaf, Metallica and The Rolling Stones.

Monnapule’s love to write songs was inspired by his Grade Eight-English Teacher, Ms Salang. He was tasked to write a poetic dedication for the 1991 Mother’s Day Celebration. In 1992, Monnapule started to write his own songs.

In 1989, he joined Phakama Productions, which was led by Mr Isaac Tau (Bra Ike). Though he did not stay much long with the production, he managed to grasp a few basic Keyboard and Piano lessons from Bra Ike.

In 1997, Monnapule and his friends (John Diphahe, Piet Kok, Olebogeng Sebesho and Velile Nkosi) formed THE FUNK MASTERS Kwaito Group. The group recorded their first debut album in 1999 (titled Sgupu Sa Baloyi), at Warriors Recording Studio (Kimberley). The album was never released due to lack of further commitment from the group.

In 2001, Monnapule started a Man of Rain Solo Project in order to create the type of music that he has grown to love and understand, World Music. “I believe in the Freedom of Creating ones own style of music. I love to make music according to my understanding and my own creativity, not according to the rules and trends of the music industry”.

In 2008, Monnapule established his own label, Man of Rain Productions. The production is responsible for Music Composition and Recordings, Live Performances, Singing and Song-writing as well as Marketing and Distribution.

Monnapule, as Man of Rain, has recorded his first debut album, X-Odes at LUV Music and Warriors Recording Studio (Kimberley).

Athenia Henderson
It is rare that such an extraordinary individual emerges from out of a crowd. Athenia Henderson, formerly of the world renowned Swinging Starz Band of Dominica, has stepped forward with her debut single- "A song in my head". As a singer, Athenia Henderson captivates her audience with her intoxicating voice and enthusiastic personality. Her sensual Caribbean appeal attracts and holds the interest and attention of her audience.

Athenia Henderson was born of Noreen and Goddard Austrie in the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica ( not to be mistaken for the Dominican Republic). While only three she was introduced to the world of music through her mother's church choir. Since then she honed her vocal skills in various choirs and bands in her country and abroad.

Athenia Henderson hit the international stage as she toured cities in the United States of America and Canada. But after some time of performing with various cover bands in New York and New Jersey, Athenia became a song writer and singer of her own music. This stage of development has brought forth a side of this artist never seen before. She embraced New York's artistic opportunities and focused on presenting herself to the world as a solo artist.

In 2006, Athenia Henderson wrote and co produced her single - ‘My True Love’. This dedicated expression of love is a hit with everyone who hears it. The remix of ‘My True Love’ is being produced at present and will be available at the end of April 2008.

Also in the works at this time is Athenia Henderson’s release her single - ‘A song in my head - ‘ ..." an auspicious, stellar debut..." - Bottom Lip Music Publishing’. The song speaks to all those who ever had music in their hearts and wanted a way to express their feelings through song. This beautiful arrangement of melody and lyrics is sure to have mass appeal.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Restless
Howdy and and hello from the guys here in Restless!

Do you remember a time when leg warmers and side pony tails where all the rage? And the more gummies and bracelets you could fit on your arms the better? Or, how about spandex biker shorts and mesh shirts? And lets not forget about flight pants and the brightest neon colors that could possibly blind anyone who looked in your general direction! It was a time of fun and finding one's self. Where, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, and many more Hollywood Blockbusters weren't only movies, but, guidelines to your life. Do you ever wish that, if even for a moment, you could relive some of those fond memories? Well, we know WE do!

We are a 3-piece band that covers 80's New Wave/ Pop/ Rock without the assistance of keyboards and heavily syned noise.

We preform music from the likes of: Duran Duran Blondie Go-go's Flock of Seagulls INXS Tears For Fears Depeche Mode AHA and many more...

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book BROOMFILLER
No stranger to touring, BROOMFILLER's extensive past tour history proves they work hard. They toured across Canada supporting their last album "Watching the girls go bi" for 6 weeks in the summer of 2002 with great success, toured Eastern Canada for 2 weeks in October 2003, completed a month long Eastern US / Florida Tour in March 2004, as well as a 2 week Eastern Canadian Tour in July 2004.

BROOMFILLER's new full length cd Enter the Storm which showcases hook-filled, melodic catchy songwriting and musicianship, was released in the USA on June 13, 2006 which was supported by a 7 week US tour (March-May 2006 - 41 shows in 46 days) and then a 9 week US tour (October-December 2006 - 54 shows in 60 days).

BROOMFILLER fully believes in the quality of their music and their energetic live stage presence. They live to entertain. They are a fun up and coming coming professional minded band that enjoys making music and will continue doing so, no matter what gets in their way.

"There's something very freeing in what Broomfiller is achieving...these Canadian boys know how to rock!" - Ben Ohmart (Assistant Editor, MusicDish)

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book NY Funk Alliance
NY Funk Alliance
Founded in 2003, this Woodstock NY based band has been entertaining audiences with repeat "by popular demand" performances in the tri-state area for over four years.

The band varies in size between 4 and 12 musicians. The core group is joined by a horn section, front line vocal section, and at times a DJ depending on budget and size of the venue.

The band plays classic Motown, R&B, Funk, Blues, Rock and originals - Audiences and patrons often request this band and recommend them to venues.

NY Funk Alliance is currently accepting bookings for life events (weddings, birthdays, etc), corporate events, and concert performances.

If you want the ultimate in classic live dance entertainment, contact NY Funk Alliance now.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Outlaw X
Outlaw X
It’s a long way from the swamps of Mississippi to the mean streets of Chicago’s Southside, and bassist, singer and songwriter Larry Kimpel has traveled those back roads for what seems like a million years. The veteran Chicago-Born musician is just one of many who in recent years has taken the journey away from the constraints of Jazz and R&B music only to find internal peace and refuge in the original music of the South…”The Blues”. As the bassist with Roebuck “Pops” Staples and the world renowned “Staple Singers” Larry toured many of the birth places of the pioneers of the blues early on, and even has the distinction of actually having attended Blues Innovator “Howling Wolf’s “Funeral. “I was just sixteen at the time and my High School Band Director instructed us all to attend the service.” “It was right up the street from my school on 78th and Cottage Grove at the A.R. Leak Funeral Home.” “I remember the service being very quiet and intimate as I positioned myself nervously at the front of the room next to the casket.” “I was told that “Howling Wolf” was a big man in stature, but when I looked down at him, he seemed somewhat frail probably due to the illness that eventually claimed his life.” “I really didn’t know about him or his music then, but through the years he has truly become one of my greatest heroes and musical inspirations.” Now some thirty years later, that inspiration has led to the creation of a band known simply as “Outlaw X”. The brain-child of Larry Kimpel, the band consists of four prominent music industry sidemen from across the USA which of course makes for a melting pot of musical styles and influences. Those elements were brought together for the first time in 2008 on the band’s debut CD entitled “Out of The Box” which was released on their own Independent Label, GVR Records. When asked why they chose to do their project independently Larry says… “We really wanted the record to be a genuine representation of who we all are both as individuals and as a band, and it’s very rare that you find that kind of freedom with a major label.” Along with Larry, the band includes Houston Texas-Born Drummer Herman Matthews; Keyboardist, Composer Bill Steinway from Milwaukee Wisconsin; and Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer Ricky “Z” Zahariades from Fontana California. Being from blue collar families, the guys laughingly refer to themselves as “A little old band from the other side of the tracks” and they feel that their music reflects that no nonsense working class approach. “We tried very hard to maintain the authenticity of each and every musical genre that we explored on this project and we hope that the musical spirits of days gone by will be proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Larry said. “And, I sure hope that someway, somehow “The Wolf” is smiling down from heaven!”

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Melissa Cohee
Melissa Cohee

Melissa Cohee has the look, the sound, the smarts and the support to make a big splash in the pop music world. Melissa has recorded 40 + songs with beats supplied by up-and-coming producers such as the Miami-based Deadbeats Brothers (Terror Squad, Pit Bull), Trax-It Right producer Erk (Full Surface Records). Melissa's raw power, soulful voice and charismatic identity impressed Bone Thugs 'N Harmony producer Swizz Beats and earned her dance floor anthem "Lets Go" spins on pop radio and in clubs across Arizona. Primary self-taught, Melissa strikes listeners with her confidence and originality. As a performer, she is crafting and image with unlimited potential appeal. Melissa combines the honesty, self-respect and class of Kelly Clarkson with the entertainment value, pipes and attitude of Christina Aguilera (to whom she is often compared). Melissa can win over the segment of the pop audience that simply wants to have a great time while reaching out to people who hunger for a positive message. Melissa co-writes all of her music, looking into her life experience for inspiration. She translates her story into terms her fans can relate to and understand. Melissa is ready to take the next step in her career. She has been performing live at local events, and will be be opening for national acts. or

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book DONNA AUSTIN


Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Sammy Holloway
Sammy Holloway
Sammy performs everything himself. In his home studio Sammy lays down Keyboards,bass,drums,flute, saxophone and backing vocal tracks which are played back on the stage.While he sings lead and plays Keyboards,guitar,banjo, mandolin and fiddle on the stage to his original songs and oldies. Ranging from country, bluegrass,Fifties,Sixties and seventies music by groups such as Poco,Bread, America,Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Elvis and the Moody Blues. Sammy is from Shreveport, La., where he picked up his bluegrass,country and Cajun influences. He has played the Winnipeg Folk Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada three times.It is one of the largest folk festivals in North America. He has played the Fall Festival in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada along with being featured on two half hour programs televised nationally by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. He has played the Natchitoches Folk Festival in Louisiana and the Arkansas Old Time Fiddling Championship in Mountainview, Ar. where he was made an Honorary member of the Racken Sack Folklore Society and had his picture taken with Grandpa Jones and Ramona of the Grand Ole Opry. He has toured with The Cajun Grass Band, Lost Prairie,Me,Myself and I,Holloway & Clay and Sammy Holloway. He played at Trade Days Jamboree hosted by KWK 11, the show aired in 42 states and 4 foreign Countries.He lived in Colorado for awhile playing in Paonia,Boulder,Lake City and doing the Six Points Benefit in Gunnison Colorado where he lived for awhile. He now lives in Huntington Or.where he has played Pioneer Days for the locals.These are just a few of Sammy's accomplishments during his career as a musician

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book WhiskeyJack
WhiskeyJack Formed in early 2006, WhiskeyJack is comprised of 6 central Illinois musicians with diverse backgrounds. Four of the five band members have 30+ years of musical performance and touring backgrounds. Their main focus is creating music with a fresh and exciting approach of acoustic-laced instrumentation with additions of non-traditional instruments and intensive vocal harmonies.

Realizing that there is an enormous demand for such a project; WhiskeyJack set out to form a unique blend of classic acoustic rock as well as contemporary and Indie music. Instrumentation includes Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Native American flute, Jazz and Latin percussion, 5/6 string Basses, and Piano/Synthesizers. Arrangements are intricately designed to compliment exceptionally delivered vocals and vocal harmonies. One can hear influences of artists that range from John Mayer to CSNY to the Beatles and every artist that focused on Acoustic-based rock. Briana Stodden has been recognized as one of the finest vocalists on the professional circuit. She has a wonderfully crafted, sensual voice that is the main vocal component is WhiskeyJack.

Additionally, Stacy Doty has an impressive background of accomplishments. He toured many years with the Nancy Hays show. He was signed to AMI Records and had radio airplay with songs that he had written. He also wrote a top 40 hit that was number 4 on the Billboard Charts that a very well recognized artist recorded. He has opened for many top shelf artists such as; Ronnie Milsap, Bellamy Brothers, Glen Campbell, and many, many others.

Kenny Hays, Randal Rhoads, and Greg Lawyer have also done extensive touring and are considered top notch musicians and instrumentalists.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Brand X
Brand X
OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT AVAILABLE IN ANY AREA AND WORLDWIDE! WE HAVE THE BOYS TO MAKE THE NOIZE!!!!!!! We can play as a classic rock cover band and alternative/progressive rock original music. We provide what people want! Brand X Rocks!

Bobby Soloman Smith
Bobby is an up and coming Male Pop Singer/Songwriter from Houston Texas, He has been featured on VH1 with Desinty's Child and toured the country.

He has opened for Jordan Knight, Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees, BOYS II MEN, PM Dawn, ALL 4 One and more..

Bobby remembers the moment he realized what path his life would take. The young singer already knew he had inherited talent from his grandfathers, who dabbled in the mariachi and country-music genres during their youth. But it wasn't until Smith was a junior at Woodlands High School when he realized the full scope of his musical passion.

"bobby has a bright future in the music industry" T. Long (Sony Music)

Bobby is currently seeking a record deal,, but until then he continues to write music and rock the stages all across the country doing what his does best

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book MICHAEL NITRO
The Michael Nitro Band is an entertainment powerhouse who delivers like none other. The band effortlessly performs modern and classic hits from artists like Foo Fighters, Bryan Adams, Santana, Tracy Chapman, Van Halen and many more. Guaranteed to keep people on their feet and having a great time. Michael Nitro has a reputation as one of the most entertaining bands in the Southwestern United States often being asked to open for national acts. He has successfully opened numerous shows for touring acts including: Bon Jovi, Bad Company, REO Speedwagon and Peter Frampton. Michael Nitro has played guitar live with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and such legends as Sam Moore, Bo Diddley, Nils Lofgren (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band) and Alice Cooper to name a few of his most proud experiences.

With a huge repertoire of popular songs, the seasoned musicians of The Michael Nitro Band can provide a custom show for your corporate meeting, private party, wedding or nightclub. Seek Michael Nitro for a guaranteed good time when you're looking for a night out in Arizona with a great live rock and roll band. Michael Nitro -- when you need to rock!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Lisa Lingo Band
Lisa Lingo Band
Lisa Lingo has been working as a singer songwriter in western Colorado for over 10 years. She was also chosen as one of the top six guitar players in the Telluride Blues and Brews acoustic competition in 2002. Singing her sultry blend of blues and folk she has performed at venues such as Mesa Theater, The Avalon and The Botanical Gardens. Lisa Lingo has opened for national acts such as Laura Love, Tony Fertado, Nina Story, Firefall and Bernard Allison.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Sins of Seven
The Sins of Seven
A rock band unique in sound and known for outstanding shows, to really enjoy this The Sins of Seven to their their full affect you have to see them live. This band officially formed as The Sins of Seven in Aug. of 2007 with only one prior member of the former band name Flaming Stuff Box Brian Blackburn on Lead Guitar. Jaron Clayton the drummer of the original name The 13th hour found his calling now belting powerful vocals for S7. Keeping all the original FSB material with S7 sound the band is now greater than ever, with Nic Perez on Rhythm Lenny Armstrong on drums and Tom Norman on bass the band continues to create new music for the world that is guaranteed to make you want more. The Sins of Seven with its ripping metal guitar driving bass, pounding drums and powerful and energetic vocals makes them unforgettable. Not forget S7's dedicated fans at the heart of it all only they know the full affect of S7 making them the best fans around. Come see The Sins of Seven you won't be disappointed.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Laura Monaco
Laura Monaco
22 year old singer Laura Monaco has recently put the finishing touches on an album's worth of material which she co-wrote with Billboard charting writers Ray Balconis (Jocelyn Enriquez, Reina) and Dee Robert (Deborah Cox, Nicole J. McCloud). The songs are an energetic kaleidoscope of this young girl's experience of her world: sweet, sassy, fun, and hopeful … and always romantic.

During that time, Laura's songs and voice have begun to attract the attention of industry professionals and fans alike. "Radio ready. Voice, songwriting, and production are all great," says Charles Koppelman. In addition Laura was recently showcased as the featured artist in BMI's "Songwriter in Residence" series. And for five straight months last year, Laura's romantic ballad, "How The Story Ends", held the 1 position for Best Pop Song at as voted by its' listeners.

In addition, Laura and her six piece band have been playing crowded shows at prestigious venues across New York City such as, Crash Mansion, The Cutting Room, Makor, and The Bitter End - where Laura and her band have become a regularly featured act.

Most recently, Laura has just released her new music video, "Gotta Get Away", which was produced by Joe Solari of MTV. Born to an Italian family and raised in the Bronx, Laura while growing up listened to and admired, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Cher, and her idol, Mariah Carey. Laura looked to her as a source of inspiration that motivated her to keep on singing - allowing nothing to deter her dream. "I did not choose music, music chose me...Music is my life and my therapy," Laura says. With Laura, music is not just her passion, it is her goal to make music that is a vehicle to inspire and motivate others, much in the same way that music has been her own motivation and strength throughout the years.

The ThunderChickens
The ThunderChickens are a 4-piece Rock-n-Roll band based out of Michigan. Fronted by the visually vivacious vocalist Melissa May on vocals, violin, harmonica, and guitar, the band delivers an over the top, high-energy rock show. Jekel is on lead guitar without a pick or shoes and with a unique, lightning fast, fingerpickin' style and vintage sound. Justin provides the dread-locked bass groove, while Kramer brings the jazzy thunder on the drums. Together they play it loud and sing it proud. The music is dynamic and powerful, it grabs the attention of all in ear shot. The covers that they choose to play are not typical yet they are songs that get everyone groovin' and immediately noticing the twist of originality applied by the Thunderchickens. The originals that the Thunderchickens play are written and played so well that even the first time audients find themselves dancing, listening, and trying to sing along like its thier old favorite tune. It is impossible to see them perform and not take notice.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Asphalt
The Asphalt
he Asphalt are a rock band hailing from the searing deserts of Arizona. Sounding like the bastard child of Face to Face and The Foo Fighters, members Randy Mazick, Jon Stutler, Nick Turner and Jason Marino blend rock guitars, pounding drums, smooth bass and scathing vocals with a high-energy live performance that has captivated thousands of fans.

Formed in 2001, The Asphalt quickly cut a path to recognition after reaching the 75,000 hit mark on before the websites untimely demise and also have been a featured artist on XM Radio’s unsigned channel and regular spins on Phoenix radio station “The Edge” 103.9, and Las Vegas radio stations “Comp” 92.3 & “Extreme” 107.5.

Recently, The Asphalt’s single "From Afar" was added to the soundtrack for The Fast and The Furious/Tokyo Drift PS2 video game. They also have recently released a broadcast quality music video for their newest single “Tonight.” Shot on location in Tucson, Arizona and Old Tucson studios where films such as Tombstone, The Three Amigos, Death Wish and The Quick & The Dead were famously shot, the video borrows from the old west but has a decidedly modern feel.

The band were also invited to showcase for Captiva at the world-renowned South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas in both 2006 and 2007 where they performed for near-capacity crowds and had great reactions to their live show. The Asphalt has shared the stage and supported ; Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, and many, many more.

Currently in their 6th year of existence, the band are poised to continue taking steps towards achieving the goals they have set, but never forget to focus on having fun. Look for their long-awaited 3rd album “Learning to Forget,” to hit stores in 2008.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book State of Mind
State of Mind
State of Mind is comprised of lead vocalist Gregg Thomas, lead guitarist Guy Cook, bassist Tim Ott, and drummer Mike Vorholt. The band was formed in the summer of 2004 on the gritty South Side of Saint Louis. The band has spent the better part of their infancy writing songs and developing a powerful, mature sound that will not only send them ahead of the pack, but will also define them as experienced veterans in the music business.

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