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Crazy Wolf Entertainment is Your World Wide Booking Entertainment Mediator

We at Crazy Wolf Entertainment will work diligently as your Entertainment Booking Agent in negotiating contacts between performers, celebrities, Agents and Musical Managers . Clients have found, through Crazy Wolf Entertainment, an easy way to obtain big and small named talent they want for their Corporate Company Private Parties, Festivals, Fund Raisers and Event Productions.

Crazy Wolf Entertainment works as a Musical Booking Agency and Mediator, that can handle all aspects of your Talent needs. Whether it be a concert production, planning a Hospitality or Corporate Event, working as an Artist Booking Agency, planning private or public parties, finding suitable Talent or Celebrities for your entertainment event. All while negotiating fees that fit your budget. We can assist you in turn-key production for indoor or outdoor festivals, and can help you to bring Live Music and work as a Hip Hop Booking Agency for college concerts and graduation parties .

Entrepreneurs, entertainment and event coordinators, investors, private promoters, and venues, have found that using an Entertainment Booking Agency, such as Crazy Wolf Entertainment, for booking their Special Event or having our experienced staff produce the entire show, have been successful in pleasing their audience, clients and celebrities as well.

Better rates, overall value, and satisfaction are our ultimate goals in bringing you the best resources possible to make your event planning a special event to remember.

Need some advice, or have a question? Please contact us and one of our qualified Entertainment Agents will be glad to help you in booking all your Entertainment and Event planning needs.

Corporate Entertainment Online

Businesspeople who have to plan parties but don't have the time to do so can arrange for corporate entertainment online. Because of this service, locating performers for business purposes is easy. People just have to complete online forms specifying what they need. After queries are submitted, experts read them.

Booking Corporate Entertainment Online Is Easy
Because these people are career party planners, they can work more efficiently than most other people. Once they read about their customers' needs, most event representatives have strong ideas about what types of entertainment are appropriate. Representatives act as their customers' ultimate business partners, doing all the dirty work (making many phone calls, negotiating prices) while their clients can focus on what they do best at their regular jobs.

Those who choose not to book corporate entertainment online often find that they have bitten off more than they can chew. Planning for major events takes considerable time. Adding another major project to someone's workload often creates disastrous results.

At some point, something has to give. Either the quality of the person's regular work will suffer, or the party will end up as a bust. The best option for most businesses is to request corporate entertainment online. They can do it cheaper and better than anyone else.

Corporate Event Ideas

Businesses that have regularly thrown parties for several years may be in need of some fresh corporate event ideas. Some events should stand out from the norm. For example, when companies celebrate landmark accomplishments or significant anniversaries, they might want to go above and beyond what they normally do. As far as corporate events go, sometimes change simply for the sake of variety can be a good thing.

Finding New Corporate Event Ideas
People who are unacquainted with the party industry may find it difficult to come up with new corporate event ideas. This is when professional party planners make tremendous differences in their clients' functions. Because they have thrown so many parties, ranging from classy and professional to wild and crazy, their ideas are sure to inject life into corporate events.

Some companies even offer free phone and email consultation services, because they know that once people hear their corporate event ideas, they are likely to hire them to plan their parties. It takes a certain personality to know which entertainment will be perfect for different events. Companies pay big bucks for the parties they throw, and nobody wants their events to fall flat.

Frequent ideas for corporate events include magic shows, comedians, disc jockeys, and live bands. These types of entertainment take people out of their everyday routines and let them know it's time to party. Various styles and personalities exist within each of these genres of live performance.

Corporate Entertainment Companies

The employees at corporate entertainment companies tend to be fun loving, socially minded people, as nobody wants veteran bores planning their entertainment. In addition, those who book performers for business parties must be sensitive to diverse groups of people and the fact that different folks have varying tastes. Parties at which factions within audiences feel offended have no place in the corporate world.

Nobody appreciates corporate entertainment companies like businesspeople who have tried planning events themselves. Those who know how hard it is to book quality entertainers know that it takes a certain personality to plan parties. Because most businesspeople have little or no experience in the field of corporate entertainment, they often lack the resourcefulness and knowledge to organize parties that everyone enjoys.

Corporate entertainment companies cater not only to the business executives who hire them but also to frontline workers, who enjoy corporate events the most. Workers follow cues from entertainers on how to act at parties. They won't dance unless the music inspires them, and most people can't loosen up until the entertainment does first.

Corporate Entertainment Companies and Performers
Most entertainers prefer dealing with entertainment companies. The elite party planners develop personal relationships with entertainers, which makes performers feel at ease. People in show biz are more likely to compromise on prices when dealing with friendly acquaintances whom they trust

Special Corporate Events

Many companies often host special corporate events to reward employees or improve relations with clients. Golf outings followed by cocktail and dinner parties have become extremely popular in the corporate world. These events enable people to socialize outside work, which builds team morale. In addition, people feel wanted when their companies pay for their food and drinks.

These special corporate events can be arranged to fit all budgets. Companies looking to save money can still show appreciation for their employees by taking them to less expensive golf courses and reserving tables at reasonably priced restaurants and catering halls. Moreover, companies that specialize in event planning can book prime entertainment at the lowest costs possible. These party specialists know how to stretch money as far as it can go.

Even companies whose financial outlooks are bleak can and should still recognize employee accomplishments. Rewarding employees for reaching certain quality or productivity goals helps keep them encouraged. People strive for excellence when they know their efforts will receive praise. Companies that cannot afford to hand out substantial merit increases or bonuses often host parties to keep their employees' spirits up even during tough times.

Special Corporate Events for Clients
Companies rely on their customers' loyalty in order to survive and flourish. Offering quality products and services remains the most important aspect of business success. That being said, customers also want to work with people with whom they feel comfortable and friendly. Few things improve the ease of doing business like taking clients out for special corporate events. Professional planners can set up classy business affairs that enable salespeople and customer-relations specialists to build friendships with clients.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Recommending the best talent for your occasion.
  • Researching and approving new talent prospects.
  • Negotiating the best pricing and terms for your occasion.
  • Contracting all related details.
  • Arranging a location if you require it.
  • Advertising.

Our rates:
We guarantee the lowest possible pricing on all services because we strive for repeat business. We have successfully negotiated ALL aspects of venues, repeatedly getting our customers the best possible price for entertainment.


How can you offer ANY talent I am looking for?
       We belong to a vast network of promotional companies. If we are not directly responsible for your requested talent, we probably are directly linked to the company that is!
Won't that be more expensive than going directly to that talent's agency?
       No. In our network system, promotional companies work on discounted rates; often ending up LESS expensive than direct hiring!
What methods of payment do you accept?
       We accept all major credit cards, checks or cash.
Do you require a down-payment, and if so, When?
       Only after all arrangements have been agreed upon, is a small down-payment required to accompany the signed contract.
How many pounds are in a ton?
       Two thousand.
How can I get answers to questions not found here?
       Click here


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