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Lepers Fork Bluegrass performed 153 fun filled performances in the year of 2009. The group is expecting 2010 to be much more fruitful with 81 scheduled programs with 128 performances. "The Farmer Song" from their latest CD project (Sign if the Times) has been selected to play at the SIX FLAGS THEME PARKS through out the USA and CANADA. The song will reach over 25 million folks. With great expectations in the coming years the group is committed travel where ever doors may open for them to enhance and promote their artistic skills. Known for their sharp dress codes, friendly personalities, and humorus attitude the group is well accepted at any venue. Their performances are geared to good wholesome clean entertainment that is great for family as well as co-op events, parties, etc. No vulgar profanities,ethnic or personal slurs. The group is available for most any type of venue that comes our way. Contact us and we will try to work something out!

Location: Nashvlle, Tennessee

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