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Methods of Movement
"Methods of Movement" is a trick basketball group that features out-of-this-world tricks and even crazier antics! The group uses Globetrotter type moves, but ups the ante by adding elements like gymnastics, juggling, dance, soccer, contortion, comedy, and more for an even wilder show.

"Methods of Movement" players have performed all over the United States and have been featured in Division 1 college halftime shows, commercials, on TV shows, and in world trick basketball competitions.

Members of the team have also done shows for companies like K-Mart, KiX, Jordan Barnd, EA Sports, Best Buy, the NBA, Red Bull, Protege, CieAura, Dime Magazine, And1 and Mountain Dew.

"Methods of Movement" is flexible to meeting the needs of your event and can provide a stand-alone show or a crowd inclusive one, as well as cater to themes or messages.

This team is perfect for a variety of events including half-time shows, fundraisers, promotional events, parties, school assemblies, basketball camps, charity games, and more.

No matter what type of audience you have, "Methods of Movement" is guaranteed to have them amazed, entertained, and rolling in laughter from start to finish!

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