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QUITUS (pronounced Kee-toos)QUITUS (pronounced Kee-toos)
QUITUS: Music from South America

QUITUS (pronounced kee-toos) represented by Guillermo Villagomez has been performing the magical and soul-stirring folkloric music of South America (especially Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) for several years. Guillermo Villagomez recently arrived from his home country, Ecuador, to spread the joy and knowledge of their music and culture in the United States.

QUITUS is based in the Rancho Cordova, California, but is willing and eager to travel nationwide to play festivals, fairs and cultural events. He is also available locally to play at such events, as well as farmers ' markets, universities, educational programs, museums, private parties, theaters and weddings. Guillermo Villagomez provides its own sound system and prefers to be set up on a stage or platform if one is available. However, he can also play at ground level. When electricity is not accessible, he can be notified to bring his own source.

QUITUS is very enthusiastic and flexible, and we would greatly appreciate any interest you may have in booking him for events and/or the music itself. Any information will gladly be given by the groupís representative, Nevenka Vukovich or Guillermo Villagomez, at the addresses and telephone numbers listed below.

Thank you and we will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Nevenka Vukovich Representative 3500 Data Dr # 66 Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 Telephone: 916.308.7895

Location: Sacramento,CA

To book QUITUS (pronounced Kee-toos), Please contact us