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Rebecca Corry    Rebecca's high energy and physical comedy will keep you laughing! A breath of fresh air in the world of comedy!
More Information         Added: 1/6/2008
Cory Barclay    I'm a singer/songwriter and guitarist that is looking for solo acoustic gigs. that's about all there is to it.
More Information    Location: San Diego, California.     Added: 1/6/2008
Marcus    Dead-on impressions combined with a rock 'n' roll mentality, suitable for any crowd. Winner of international comedy competitions.
More Information    Location: Salt Lake City UT.     Added: 1/5/2008
Laurent Medelgi Trio - LatinAmour    Trio of Bass/percussions/Guitar, self-suffcient performing Brazilian and American Jazz Standardswith a Latin touch. Small unit who fits anywhere, cocktail Parties, etc...
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 1/5/2008
Rick Glenn    Solo Pianist in the Atlanta Metro Area
More Information    Location: Atlanta Georgia.     Added: 1/3/2008
rhythmkings    professional dance band for all ages
More Information    Location: Virginia Beach, Va..     Added: 1/3/2008
The Harber & Miller Band    The Harber & Miller Band packs a shocking punch of Southern Rock/Folk Rock/American sound that keeps the audience craving more...
More Information    Location: Texas.     Added: 1/3/2008
Gibson Cage    Gibson Cage recording with Jeff "Sunk" Baxter,Dale Russel, Graig Cramp, Kenny Greenburg, David Santos, Bill Como, and the settles
More Information    Location: Florida.     Added: 1/3/2008
Epidemic    Epidemic is an Israeli metal band that infuses the best of many metal subgenres from Thrash metal to Death metal and many others.
More Information    Location: Nahariya, Israel.     Added: 1/2/2008
Chapter 2 Band    Artist Of The Year winner at the 2006 LA Music Awards for their original song "REAL ME", Chapter 2 is one of the most in-demand pop/acoustic party/show bands in the tri-state area.
More Information    Location: NJ/NY.     Added: 1/2/2008
Fusion Of Da Elements    Never before has any of Atlanta’s Underground Artists created a whole new genre of music to vibe to until now.....
More Information    Location: Atlanta, Ga.     Added: 1/1/2008
Chris Rel The album is "The Voice of Trusth". The single..."Something Kinda Wonderful"...
More Information    Location: Spring Valley, NY.     Added: 1/1/2008
Brent Alan Burington    One Man Theatre performances that will delight and amaze audiences at your next fundraiser or corporate event, providing an evening they will never forget.
More Information    Location: USA.     Added: 1/1/2008
Bobby Soloman Smith    Up and coming Male Pop Singer/Songwriter from Houston Texas.
More Information    Location: Houston Texas.     Added: 12/30/2007
New Heightz Productions    Reggaeton / Latin Hip Hop / R&B artists ready and always willing to perform at any gigs.
More Information    Location: New York City.     Added: 12/28/2007
Luanne Hunt    Dynamic country, folk and bluegrass artist with mostly original material played by a six-piece band.
More Information    Location: Southern California.     Added: 12/28/2007
Daryle Emanuel    Original songwriter/singer performer!
More Information    Location: North Carolina.     Added: 12/28/2007
Stone Cats    High energy ... everyone moves ... classic to modern rock ... captivating show ... excellent musicianship ... all around great band
More Information    Location: Available Everywhere / Centrally Located.     Added: 12/28/2007
ALEXANDRE    Mentalist, Paranormalist, Chinese Numerology Demonstrations, Tarot.
More Information    Location: South Florida.     Added: 12/27/2007
Stacey Mayo    Classy Country Diva
More Information    Location: Panama City, FL.     Added: 12/27/2007
Aeon "The Ace"    Music is defined as an expression of emotion and I have the elements needed to give Hip-Hop back its edge. I am an artist that looks at longevity.
More Information    Location: New York and Florida..     Added: 12/27/2007
"SURF AND TURF" DINNER MUSIC    ACCOMPINIMENT FOR FINE DINING - Recording artist Freddy Carr performs on various instruments to provide that perfect low-volume dinner music with good variety mix of songs.
More Information    Location: Florida (National Availability).     Added: 12/27/2007
Joe Finkle    Joe Finkle & The 7/10 Splits are a 4-piece rockabilly band - rocking their lives away in Southern California.
More Information    Location: Burbank, CA.     Added: 12/26/2007
MSP - The Mike Stephens Project    The Mike Stephens Project is one of the hottest and best kept secrets in the Washington metropolitan area!
More Information    Location: Ft. Washington, MD.     Added: 12/26/2007
KISSNATION: New York City's KISS TRIBUTE.    "There's only ONE NATION,... that's KISSNATION!" -Paul Stanley of KISS, 1996 MTV Awards. We Are the perfect band for fundraisers, promotions, film & TV extras, private events and live concerts.
More Information    Location: New York City, NY.     Added: 12/26/2007
Tom Crowl    Comedy Ventriloquist
More Information    Location: Maryland.     Added: 12/26/2007
Jean Ezell    Jean Ezell Ambassador of Cultural Exchange 'Song-bird'. An American Classic Negro Spiritual, Sacred Gospel, Patriotic, Jazz/Improv, Country/Folk, Inspirational Singer/Educator.
More Information    Location: South Florida.     Added: 12/25/2007
John Higgins    Motivational Comedian. Keeping life and reality in the front page.
More Information    Location: Kentucky.     Added: 12/22/2007
Frank Deno    New Orleans' underground lyricist. Shows are always very entergetic and entertaining. If you like real hip hop, your going to love a Frank Deno show.
More Information    Location: New Orleans, LA.     Added: 12/22/2007
Drop    Drop means Devine Raw and On Point
More Information    Location: Orlando, Fl.     Added: 12/21/2007
More Information    Location: reseda ca.     Added: 12/21/2007
Kevin Ruff    My Name Is Kevin Ruff (Bigg Kevo), And I Rap. I Have Been Rapping For Nearly 3 Years Now.
More Information    Location: Chicago, Illinois.     Added: 12/20/2007
The Professors of Soul    The Professors of Soul is a 7 to 10 member band that specializes in 60's, and 70's Classic Soul, R+B, Beach, Funk, and Disco. The Professors features Soul Legend, vocalist, Sidney Barnes.
More Information    Location: Greenville SC.     Added: 12/19/2007
The Banana Convention    The Banana Convention is all over the musical spectrum, but their main ingredient is fun. Lead by powerful female vocalist Afrodytee, TBC provide a cavalcade of music and fun whenever they perform
More Information    Location: Saginaw, MI.     Added: 12/19/2007
June Rochelle    deemed The Queen of Good News R&B
More Information    Location: Nashville, TN.     Added: 12/19/2007
WES The Power Trio    WES is a experience to remember. Their music blends the free roaming technology of the Millennium with a creative mix of classic rock, R & B, blues, reggae and funk.
More Information    Location: Colorado Springs CO..     Added: 12/19/2007
The Heartful of Soul band    Cover and original band. 3 piece
More Information    Location: California.     Added: 12/19/2007
SPIKE IVORY    Spike Ivory has been crafting his unique style for over twenty years. His music has been described as down home American Rock with a touch of the Blues.
More Information    Location: south carolina.     Added: 12/18/2007
Christine Van Loo    Aerialist and Acrobat.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles and Las Vegas.     Added: 12/18/2007
the artist Gifted    clean good rap music
More Information    Location: indiana.     Added: 12/18/2007
Energia Brasil    High energy show band performing Brazilian / American hits
More Information    Location: Melbourne FL.     Added: 12/17/2007
The Vibratones    The World's Fastest Band. Got Vibe? Capital District's Premiere Party Band
More Information    Location: Albany, NY.     Added: 12/17/2007
Holy Ghost    Born and raised in Accra Ghana in, But Now Live In California right now,.Holy Ghost The Rapper.
More Information    Location: Cali,Candan,Chicago,.     Added: 12/17/2007
Jung Hustle    Brandyn Tyler Harris, 19 years of age. He was born and raised in Ridgeway, SC. He's a young up and coming rapper.
More Information    Location: Ridgeway,sC..     Added: 12/17/2007
PROTOCOL    Guitar/Bass/Drums jazz trio
More Information    Location: Charlotte, NC.     Added: 12/16/2007
Dennis McCurdy and The Lonesome No More Band    The Lonesome No More Band are all accomplished singers/ songwriters who complement one another with a base of old timey, bluegrassy, folksy, down home music.
More Information    Location: Zelionople, PA 16063.     Added: 12/16/2007
Back2Back    Back2Back is a unique 2 man band that has the sound of a full seven piece band.
More Information    Location: So. Central PA.     Added: 12/14/2007
Joseph Konty    Modern, trendy, pop R&B and Soul entertainer. Singer/Songwriter Joseph Konty is bringing a fresh sound and face to the mainstream.
More Information    Location: Portland, OR.     Added: 12/14/2007
The Hooliganz    Feel good Hip-hop group from California. Music ranges from funk, to hip-hop, and soul. Great act for concerts, holiday events, and parties.Won the 2007 award for best Northen California Music act.
More Information    Location: California.     Added: 12/14/2007
Last Laugh    Rock/Pop covers spanning the 70's to current.
More Information    Location: Boston Mass.     Added: 12/12/2007
More Information    Location: phoenix arizona.     Added: 12/12/2007
Mark West    For the absolute best sounds for your next party or event. Mark is an accomplished/schooled musician that performs on the guitar, keyboards and vocals as a solo act.
More Information    Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.     Added: 12/11/2007
The Doughboys    Legendary central New Jersey "60's" band featuring Myke Scavone (Ram Jam/"Black Betty") and acclaimed singer/songwriter Richard X. Heyman.
More Information    Location: New York/New Jersey.     Added: 12/11/2007
Marzette Griffith    Smooth R&B performer from Chicago, Illinois
More Information    Location: Chicago, Illinois.     Added: 12/11/2007
IceHot..Planet!    East coast musicians as "Heart" vocals and "Cold-As-Ice" stage presence. "They make you feel their music on this doomed planet...and give you hope there are better things to come." A. Gore
More Information    Location: Washington-Baltimore Area.     Added: 12/11/2007
Kerri Gwinn Harris, MBA (Management)    Kerri Gwinn Harris, authored of Keys To the Executive Suite: The Quintessential Guide to Personal Career Empowerment. Get empowered with Kerri Gwinn Harris !
More Information    Location: Saint Louis, MO.     Added: 12/10/2007
AZ Diamond    Neil Diamond Tribute Band Classic Neil Diamond, Just the Way you remember it.
More Information    Location: Scottsdale AZ.     Added: 12/10/2007
TechniKo (Plutonium Music)    REGGAETON LATIN MUSIC ARTIST.
More Information    Location: Chicago, IL.     Added: 12/10/2007
Larry G Jones - The Man of 1002 Voices    With over 1500 Shows as a Las Vegas headliner, Jones delivers a high-energy ‘dead-on’ voice extravaganza featuring music’s biggest superstars & hilarious singer, celebrity, and presidential parodies.
More Information    Location: Las Vegas.     Added: 12/10/2007
The Woodenelves    Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, The Woodenelves innovatively fuse atmospheric rock with melody-driven pop.
More Information    Location: Australia.     Added: 12/10/2007
Michael L. Silas    Singer with a 3 octave vocal range.
More Information         Added: 12/10/2007
OVATION    "Ovation celebrates the music of Purple Rain"
More Information    Location: Minneapolis, Mn.     Added: 12/9/2007
"Tahitian Dreams"    John R Borja teams up with artists Quintinn Holi and David Iwataki to perform as "Tahitian Dreams", with a repertoire of island music, jazz fusion and R&B favorites.
More Information    Location: Temecula, CA.     Added: 12/9/2007
ORQUESTA SYMBIOSIS    We play Latin Jazz, Salsa, Afrocuban, Middle Eastern, Tango and others types of fusion. We do a lot of Festivals and Private Receptions and Fund Raiser Activities.
More Information    Location: Memphis, TN.     Added: 12/9/2007
K.W. Hoffman    K.W. Hoffman is a Singer/Songwriter from Arkansas. He has performed not only in Arkansas but also in LA, MS, & FL. He has had a National TV appearance & National Radio air play.
More Information    Location: Arkansas.     Added: 12/7/2007
The Magical Comedy Waiters    Enjoy an unforgettable evening of delicious entertainment with the incredible Magical Comedy Waiters!
More Information    Location: LA / OH.     Added: 12/7/2007
Raquela    Dance Artist
More Information    Location: Sacramento, CA..     Added: 12/6/2007
Mark Kraemer    Saxophonist , Recording Artist and Composer
More Information         Added: 12/6/2007
COSTON    Male Vocalist, Frontman, Songwriter, Conga Player, Percussionist, Entertainer, Backgound/Back-up Vocalist
More Information    Location: Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida.     Added: 12/6/2007
CoKaMoJO_Joe Locascio    Sang at the Playboy Club and was the production singer at the Sabre Room and had the opportunity to open and perform at the same venue event with Frank Sinatra Jr. and Tony Bennett..
More Information    Location: Chicago IL..     Added: 12/6/2007
Maxx Mosy    I am an up and coming R&B star
More Information    Location: new york.     Added: 12/6/2007
Joe Swetra    Bass Player/Vocalist available
More Information    Location: North Jersey.     Added: 12/5/2007
Sarah Charness    Classical and Electric violinist who will entertain any crowd with solo or group works!
More Information    Location: New York City.     Added: 12/5/2007
The MENTALIST---- Brent Webb    He hears with your ears. He sees with your eyes! He thinks with YOUR mind!
More Information    Location: Ohio.     Added: 12/4/2007
Joe Anthony    A regional keyboard and vocal soloist, who also is a songwriter, composer, and producer. He has just recently finished work on a CD pre-release via iTunes USA, UK, Australia and Napster.
More Information    Location: Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.     Added: 12/4/2007
Rocket    Rocket was the only all girls band on "The Next Great American Band" on Fox TV as a finalist. A nationally touring band, Rocket has opened for Butch Walker, Rancid, OK GO, etc..
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 12/4/2007
Hammer of the Godz/Led Zeppelin Tribute Act    We are The most authentic Led Zeppelin Tribute Band in look and sound in and around the Orange/ LA CA, area. Book us for your next party or coreporate evet.
More Information    Location: LA / Orange County CA,.     Added: 12/2/2007
Mark Doolittle    Mark is a Christian Singer/Songwriter His Music rocks and is uplifting. His New CD, I Choose To Believe Will touch your Spirit,Soul and Mind.
More Information    Location: Tenn..     Added: 12/2/2007
Chino Nunez    New York's Finest Latin Orchestra
More Information    Location: Worldwide.     Added: 12/1/2007
JAX    Jax is sign to Rush Hour Ent.(Indie Label) Hip Hop Artist
More Information         Added: 12/1/2007
Atomic Pilot    Hard rock blues that will MELT your face!
More Information    Location: Baton Rouge, LA.     Added: 12/1/2007
Slowhand    The music of Eric Clapton
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 11/29/2007
Sarafina    Sarafina is a talented young soul singer/songwriter and pianist. She gives classy entertainment, with melodies that soothe the spirit and lyrics that pierce the heart.
More Information    Location: Atlanta, GA.     Added: 11/29/2007
Emiliano Loconsolo    Emiliano Loconsolo is a remarkably refined performer and sings a repertoire of Italian canzone popolare dating back from the time of Monteverdi to more familiar Neapolitan Classics.
More Information    Location: New York City.     Added: 11/28/2007
The Rusty Augers    Versed in the traditional sounds of country, blues and rock n’ roll, The Rusty Augers play a unique brand of prairie music.
More Information    Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.     Added: 11/27/2007
James Belle 008    Classy ~ Las Vegas / Cotton Club Styled Showcase This is an interactive performance by James Belle ~ 008 ~and the Tribute 2 Legends cast .
More Information    Location: Seattle \ Toronto.     Added: 11/26/2007
The ThunderChickens    Beautiful vocalist/violinist Melissa May fronts a 4-piece Retro Rock group with a modern edge. High energy and original style and sound.
More Information    Location: Michigan.     Added: 11/26/2007
Lachi    All-purpose band with numerous credits available for corporate events, weddings, jazz needs, cover needs, originals needs and more.
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 11/26/2007
Lauren D'Aria    The One and Only ~ Lauren D'Aria ~
More Information    Location: United States.     Added: 11/25/2007
Blues Brothers Tribute - The Soul Men    The best tribute to The Blues Brothers in the midwest. We can sing live to recorded track music or can provide an 8 piece horn band.
More Information    Location: Cleveland, OH.     Added: 11/24/2007
Destiny    Destiny has been bringing the official state music of South Carolina to weddings, private parties, corporate functions, festivals, and live events throughout the Carolinas since 1997.
More Information    Location: Bennettsville, South Carolina.     Added: 11/24/2007
Maddie Lauer    If Janet Jackson and Brittany Spears had a POP/R&B Super Sister, it would be MADDIE LAUER.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, Orange County.     Added: 11/22/2007
2 But Not 2    Twins, Helema and Selema. Soulful singer/songwriters
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, Calif..     Added: 11/22/2007
SEAN & RAMSI    The MOST VERSATILE DUO You've Ever Encountered !
More Information    Location: We Travel Anywhere !.     Added: 11/21/2007
Meet Revolver    A Tribute To The Beatles
More Information    Location: Spokane Washington.     Added: 11/21/2007
West Of Nowhere    West Of Nowhere is a solid variety act that is sure to deliver crowd pleasing results everytime. In 2006 they were the Nashville Show Dogs on the Toby Keith's Big Throwdown II Tour.
More Information    Location: Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas.     Added: 11/21/2007
Steven Maglio    Singer of standards, most appreciated for Frank Sinatra Tribute Show.
More Information    Location: New York Area.     Added: 11/20/2007
Under A Blood Red Sky - The U2 Tribute    UABRS is an acclaimed U2 tribute band that passionately recreates authentic U2 concerts. Ranging from the War tour to present day, UABRS provides fans the best U2 experience this side of Dublin!!
More Information    Location: Denver, CO.     Added: 11/20/2007
Marc Yaffee    Now in year nine of his fifty year comedy plan, Marc has been seen on the TV show Comics Unleashed, been heard on radio’s Bob and Tom Show and performed overseas for our Armed Forces.
More Information    Location: Northern California.     Added: 11/20/2007
SEEN    Powerful, positive live performances of hip-hop and R&B. SEEN brings a breath of fresh air to any venue, delivering witty lyricism, catchy hooks, strong melodies, and a high energy performance.
More Information    Location: Baltimore, Maryland.     Added: 11/19/2007