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Donna Marie Lady Gaga Tribute & Lookalike    There is no other Lady Gaga tribute as accurate, breathtaking and as talked about as Donna Marie. Donna Marie is internationally acclaimed as the "Best Lady Gaga Tribute on the planet"!
More Information    Location: UK.     Added: 1/13/2012
Grandmasters Furious 5 feat Mele Mel and Scorpio    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Grandmasters Furious 5 Mele Mel and Scorpio
More Information    Location: United States.     Added: 1/11/2012
Something Acoustic    Playing the best popular music from the past 40 years on three acoustic guitars with three amazing voices.
More Information    Location: North Carolina.     Added: 1/10/2012
Godspeed3    GodSpeed3 provides a quality and emotional experience for their audience. Whether it’s a praise and worship service or a full on contemporary rock concert, GodSpeed3 is a great choice.
More Information    Location: Picayune, Ms.     Added: 1/9/2012
Westwend    Westwend is a duo is comprised of two complimentary talents,Jonathan Maness and Wendy Crowe.
More Information    Location: Knoxville, TN.     Added: 1/9/2012
Jeremiah Watkins    Jeremiah Watkins is a high energy physical comedian and impressionist who has appeared on multiple national commercials, and can be seen doing stand-up at colleges, clubs, and bars across the U.S.
More Information    Location: Hollywood, California.     Added: 1/8/2012
Saint-Da-Fied    We love god and ministry is number 1....
More Information    Location: Knoxville Tn..     Added: 1/8/2012
Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen    Internationally known master psychic meduim Sherrie Ellen has read for royalty in other countries, government officials, ceos, and people of the press.
More Information    Location: Michigan.     Added: 1/7/2012
NXICON    Hip-Hop /Rap Artist with the gift to "EDUTAIN" you
More Information    Location: Atlanta, Ga.     Added: 1/5/2012
More Information    Location: ALABAMA.     Added: 1/5/2012
Duo Casanova    Italian Hungarian Duo from Costa cruises ships. Ready to travel and bring Viktoria's fascinating voice and Franco's performances on piano and keyboard. Sing in many languages and many styles.
More Information    Location: Italy.     Added: 1/5/2012
Brotherhood Experience    Urban Gospel Music- Christian hip hop/ Christian R&B
More Information    Location: NY/NJ.     Added: 1/1/2012
Ebony    Ebony is "The Voice" of this generation. Often compared to Whitney Houston, Ebony is bringing the soul and edge back to Gospel music with a new generation twist.
More Information    Location: Chicago.     Added: 12/30/2011
Angel Lebron Y Su Sabor Latino    We are a LA based salsa band playing fun, exciting NYC Street Salsa. We are perfectly suited for corporate events, parties or venues requiring lively, interactive Latin themed entertainment.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 12/30/2011
Alyson Chayns    Alyson Chayns
More Information    Location: Houston TX.     Added: 12/29/2011
John Allen & The Skyway Band    John Allen & The Skyway Band the f ormer drummer and guitarist from the band Trick Pony will get the party hopping with your favorate pop/rock and country songs from the 70's to today.
More Information    Location: Nashville,TN.     Added: 12/29/2011
Danny Devito Impersonator    Jack Nicholson and danny Devito impersonators available for meet and greet, hosting, photo ops, presenters, roving.
More Information    Location: USA.     Added: 12/28/2011
Chick Willis    The Don of the blues/The stoop down man Blues entertainer since the 1950's
More Information    Location: Forsyth,Georgia.     Added: 12/26/2011
Soccer Collies    Humans vs. Canines Soccer Game, Kids Play Goal Keeper / Dogs Score Goals. A fun interactive new sport that is connecting the dog world to the soccer world and rescuing dogs globally.
More Information    Location: Central Florida / National Act.     Added: 12/26/2011
Soul Circus Cowboys    After years of being a local crowd-pleasing favorite, Soul Circus Cowboys are offering their flavor of bold southern rock to audiences everywhere.
More Information    Location: USA.     Added: 12/26/2011
AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Finalist MAURICIO HERRERA    Singer, Dancer,Showman,Comedian,as seen Featured on AGT 2011, NBC4 Channel News Los Angeles,Ent.Tonight,The Talk,Extra TV brings you the Best Entertainment for Audiences of all ages.Eng & Spa Shows!
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, CA.     Added: 12/24/2011
AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Finalist MAURICIO HERRERA    Singer, Dancer, Showman, Host, as seen Featured on AGT 2011, NBC4 Channel News Los Angeles,Ent.Tonight,The Talk,Extra TV brings you the Best Entertainment for Audiences of all ages.Eng & Spa Shows!
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, CA.     Added: 12/24/2011
The Roustabouts    The Jersey Shore's exciting retro rock 'n' roll band performing classic sock hop, doo wop, and rockabilly from the Golden Era of popular music plus originals capturing the same feel.
More Information    Location: New Jersey.     Added: 12/21/2011
Yolanda Somers(Melinda-Jane Somerville Woodward    I am a Creative Dancer,Interest in Art,Fashion,Music,Fim & TV
More Information    Location: New York, London.     Added: 12/19/2011
Yolanda Somers(Melinda-Jane Somerville Woodward    I am a Creative Dancer,Interest in Art,Fashion,Music,Fim & TV
More Information    Location: New York, London.     Added: 12/19/2011
Absolute Diamond    A six piece "Neil Diamond" tribute act, featuring the back catalogue of Neil Diamond.
More Information    Location: West Sussex.     Added: 12/19/2011
Kenny Durham    A Multi Platinum Songwriter Solo artist or I do a John Denver Tribute with 5 piece. .
More Information    Location: Tennessee.     Added: 12/18/2011
Dave Celestian    An engineering graduate Dave offers a progressive and real style of humor. His distinctive blend of quick witted delivers a refreshing brand of comedy that is intriguingly entertaining.
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 12/17/2011
WEATHERED -    Weathered is one of the most electrifying groups to come out of the New Orleans area. We are the perfect balance of all genres of music, with a little bit of fun and excitement in between.
More Information    Location: New Orleans, LA.     Added: 12/16/2011
'The Carnival', a circus opera    With it’s daring and innovative fusion of classical music, opera and circus, 'The Carnival' has received acclaim from audiences and press throughout the world.
More Information    Location: International.     Added: 12/15/2011
Ron Rich    John Denver Tribute Artist
More Information    Location: Casselberry, Florida.     Added: 12/15/2011
Alberto de Almar    Modern flamenco guitarist
More Information    Location: New Orleans.     Added: 12/14/2011
ANGEL LEBRON Y SU SABOR LATINO    Classic Palladium style salsa orquestra performing the music we all loved to dance to in high energy.
More Information    Location: Southern California.     Added: 12/14/2011
More Information    Location: LOS ANGELES CA.     Added: 12/14/2011
The Ryche    The Ryche is america's premeire tribute to Queensryche! featured in several news articles and stories the Ryche is a Queensryche endorsed tribute that covers all of their amazing hits!
More Information    Location: Phoenix AZ.     Added: 12/13/2011
Luk nichols & The Other Side Of Midnight    Luk Nichols & The Other Side Of Midnight are a nationally touring new country act from Nashville Tn. Rocking fans all across the country with their new, young country!
More Information    Location: Lexington Ky.     Added: 12/13/2011
Symphonic Slam    Progressive Rock Concert
More Information    Location: Wildomar, Ca.     Added: 12/12/2011
545 Express    545 Express takes a cappella to a new level with their electrifying renditions of Broadway hits, contemporary barbershop, and top-40 charts.
More Information    Location: Seattle, New York, LA.     Added: 12/9/2011
Isaac Solomon    Isaac is a professional acoustic solo musician who has a diverse repertoire of both covers and original songs.
More Information    Location: Atlanta, Ga.     Added: 12/3/2011
THE DEVOTIONS    Original Doo Wop Vocal Group & Band
More Information    Location: Nassau/Suffolk, NY.     Added: 11/30/2011
Jefferson Black    200 personalities rolled into one! “AN IMPRESSIONIST’S IMPRESSIONIST!” ALUMNUS of HOWARD STERN’S ‘WHACK PACK’!! More Yuck for Your Buck!
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 11/30/2011
Bob Danzilo    Bob presents his compositions with lush vocals and finger picked and rhythm strummed guitar. He sets an intimate, comfortable mood through his presence and songs.
More Information    Location: Kennebunk, ME (Will Travel).     Added: 11/30/2011
Kanvaz    Kanvaz is one of the hottest bands out there today, riviting melodic tones, catchy hooks with sulty powerful vocals makes Kanvaz stand out from the rest.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 11/29/2011
Sarsaparilla    We are called "Sarsaparilla" and we are making vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear.
More Information    Location: Berlin.     Added: 11/26/2011
DORITSA    La Nena Del Merengue
More Information    Location: Elizabeth,NJ.     Added: 11/25/2011
Siobhan    Urban pop singer; writes all her own material along with production credits
More Information    Location: California.     Added: 11/24/2011
Just Us    Modern top 40 country and classic rock accoustic and electric duo
More Information    Location: Englewood Florida.     Added: 11/24/2011
DRAKE BELL    INTL film, TV & music star DRAKE BELL from the #1 Nickelodeon hit "Drake and Josh". 10 Kids / Teen Choice Awards, over 1 M singles sold and now Peter Parker in the Ultimate Spider-Man series!
More Information         Added: 11/23/2011
Sharon Abney    Performance Pianist for hire
More Information    Location: San Antonio, Texas.     Added: 11/23/2011
Kisstory    The Ultimate Kiss Tribute Band.
More Information    Location: New England.     Added: 11/22/2011
The Funk Junkies    Not all FUNK is created equal
More Information    Location: Hudson Valley.     Added: 11/21/2011
V&S Liaison Services, LLC    We are in Houston, and have just signed an up and coming duo (cousins) that have a great sound, original lyrics and a desire to succeed
More Information         Added: 11/21/2011
Jimmy D. Lane    Jimmy D. Lane has played and recorded with Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and his legendary father...Mr. Jimmy Rogers (of the original Muddy Waters Band)
More Information    Location: Worldwide.     Added: 11/21/2011
Sting Ray Anthony    JukeBox Rock Starring: Sting Ray Anthony & David Somerville(of The Original Diamonds).
More Information    Location: Springfield MO.     Added: 11/16/2011
Clay Dustin    Clay is a modern day cowboy delivering an old soulful Country sound with his own personal touch. Down to earth Country Music from a tried and true cowboy!
More Information    Location: Nashville/Arizona.     Added: 11/15/2011
Youngblood    Youngblood is a Country /Rock group that performs an exciting mix of award winning original material, along with crowd pleasing covers that range from classic/modern country to classic/modern rock!
More Information    Location: Berkeley County, West Virginia.     Added: 11/14/2011
Vintage Voodoo    A true American southern rock revival is happening here! This band is carrying on a proud American tradition of southern rock and roll.
More Information    Location: Kentucky.     Added: 11/13/2011
EC & Friends    Eric Clapton Tribute band
More Information    Location: Arizona.     Added: 11/12/2011
More Information    Location: WILMINGTON, DELAWARE.     Added: 11/12/2011
Ron Rich    Rocky Mountain Memories / A John Denver Tribute
More Information    Location: Casselberry, Florida.     Added: 11/12/2011
More Information    Location: RACINE, WISCONSIN.     Added: 11/12/2011
Bring Your Own Blues    Voted Best Blues Band Of 2011 by the readers of IE Weekly, Bring Your Own Blues are your affordable choice for live authentic Blues and Early Rock & Roll!
More Information    Location: Inland Empire/So. Cal..     Added: 11/12/2011
The Surfing Safaris    The Surfing Safaris is a Tribute Band recreating the great  Surf and Beach Party Bands of the 1960 as well as modern favorites like Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley and More !
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, California.     Added: 11/10/2011
Bob Faith    America's Hottest Hypnotist - Comedy Hypnosis.
More Information    Location: Arizona.     Added: 11/10/2011
The Voices    The Midwest #1 Motown and R&B singing group
More Information    Location: Chicago, IL.     Added: 11/10/2011
Jarrod Birmingam    He has been compared to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr. and producer Eric Paul described him as "the first real singer of the 21st century."
More Information    Location: Texas.     Added: 11/7/2011
"JIMMY D" Dunton "Elvis is in the building!"    A tribute to the king of rock and roll. Available for many types of events and venues!
More Information    Location: Las Vegas and surounding areas.     Added: 11/5/2011
Louisiana Roadhouse Band    The Louisiana Roadhouse Band is known for it's embodiment of Louisiana flavor. The ever popular Swamp Pop Music, New Orleans Style R&B, and old country is what the band specializes in.
More Information    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana.     Added: 11/3/2011
Mike Lord    Dean Martin tribute act, or with rat pack...also singing impressions
More Information    Location: rockland, NY.     Added: 11/3/2011
King Of Clubs    Brad Clements’ raw and soulful voice clings to you like a lover’s scent, achingly familiar and impossible to forget.
More Information    Location: Louisiana.     Added: 11/2/2011
Doe Gentry    Come fly with me.Too many take offs & not enough landings. Still flying in my dreams. Wecome aboard.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 10/29/2011
The Robinsons    We are a top entertainment Tribute act to Simon and Garfunkel with looks and vocals that match in a beautiful and uncanny match to the original act.
More Information    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.     Added: 10/26/2011
Darren Michael    Darren Michael has created a new genre and futuristic rock sound. Some critics are calling it techno machine rock. Darren's live show is slamm'n sexy with beautiful, choreographed dancing girls.
More Information         Added: 10/25/2011
More Information    Location: Arizona.     Added: 10/25/2011
DION Kenyatta    6 feet tall, brown eyes, Dark hair, Athletic BuilD, African American.
More Information    Location: LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA.     Added: 10/24/2011
Dion Kenyatta    6 ft tall, brown eyes, Dark hair, Athletic builD, African American, Musician, writer, proDucer & Vocalist.
More Information    Location: LOS ANGEES, CALIFORNIA.     Added: 10/24/2011
Billy Dee Williams - Impersonator    Jimmie Morgan, known as Billy Dee Willimas impersonator. Provides professional interaction at events. Also known as Lando's Clone due to his uncanny resemblance to Billy Dee Williams.
More Information    Location: Wichita, Kansas.     Added: 10/24/2011
More Information    Location: QUEENS NEW YORK.     Added: 10/24/2011
The Royal Guardsmen    1960s hitmaking rock band best known for "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron" and "Snoopy's Christmas."
More Information    Location: Ocala, Florida.     Added: 10/23/2011
The Neon Truckers    The Neon Truckers are a high energy country band out of Central Florida.
More Information    Location: Florida.     Added: 10/23/2011
Kirk Guitar Thompson    Not since Johnny Guitar Watson has there been a guitarist with that kind of funk groove until now!
More Information    Location: Washington dc.     Added: 10/22/2011
Jace N Lee    6 piece southern rock band.
More Information    Location: United states.     Added: 10/22/2011
Denis Ridgeway Comedy Hypnosis Shows    Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows
More Information    Location: IL.     Added: 10/21/2011
Sheamus Fitzpatrick and the McNally Boys    acoustic irish-folk, in the styles of the clancys and dubliners
More Information    Location: Oshkosh, WI.     Added: 10/21/2011
MARK Z- "THE ONE MAN BAND"    Professional guitarist/vocalist playing acoustic/electric guitar, harmonica with a holder, electric drums, and singing ur favorite songs live!!
More Information    Location: Anywhere So. Ca..     Added: 10/20/2011
Loren Weisman    Music Producer, Author, Consultant and Speaker
More Information    Location: Philadelphia PA/Seattle WA.     Added: 10/20/2011
James Belle 008    A spectacular designer showcase , that features a variety of music,dance,and theatrical performances. R&B ~ Motown ~ Jazz ~ Blues ~ Country
More Information    Location: Seattle ~ Santa Fe ~ Toronto .     Added: 10/19/2011
James Belle 008    A spectacular designer showcase , that features a variety of music,dance,and theatrical performances. R&B ~ Motown ~ Jazz ~ Blues ~ Country
More Information    Location: Seattle ~ Santa Fe ~ Toronto .     Added: 10/19/2011
Blaine & Sarah as 'Pretty Gritty'    Self sufficient acoustic duo who perform a lovely blend of soul, americana, folk, bluegrass, country, blues and rockabilly music.
More Information    Location: DC metro area.     Added: 10/19/2011
The Ohio Express    We Are The Original Ohio Express, we play allof our original Hits, Yummy Yummy Yummy, Chewy Chewy, Beg Borrow & Steal, Mercy Mercy and other songs that were on the charts...
More Information    Location: Mansfield, Ohio.     Added: 10/19/2011
LITTLE OZZY    A little person tribute to OZZY OSBOURNE
More Information    Location: Va.     Added: 10/18/2011
Corset Rock Burlesque    Combining the sexiness of a girl-band, the edginess of rock, with the drama of theater, CORSET is far more than a tribute band, it's an EXPERIENCE!
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 10/17/2011
Carlo Martini /Elvis Tribute    Elvis Tribute, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones
More Information    Location: Asheville NC.     Added: 10/17/2011
Carlo Martini /Elvis Tribute    Elvis Tribute, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones
More Information    Location: Asheville NC.     Added: 10/17/2011
Kettleblack    Kettleblack is a rock and roll band that combines classic bluesy sounds with a modern rock edge.
More Information    Location: Southern California.     Added: 10/17/2011
SHAWNVIS    Elvis Tribute Artist Shawn Hughes aka Shawnvis
More Information    Location: Northern California.     Added: 10/15/2011
Wendy Blanc    Harpist/Vocalist Plays all types on music on the harp & can also accompany herself singing.
More Information    Location: (open).     Added: 10/15/2011
Marshal Manlove    Comedy Hypnotist and Mentalist
More Information    Location: United States.     Added: 10/14/2011
Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra    Giant, 10 vocalist rock band, bringing the crown jewels of classic rock to vivid life.
More Information    Location: Boston, MA, USA.     Added: 10/13/2011
Brian Sanders, Comic Hypnotist    Board certified hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor. Performed across the United States and beyond. Appeared on the stages of Holland America Cruise Lines and on national television and radio.
More Information    Location: Baltimore, MD.     Added: 10/13/2011