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Rhoda Draws A Crowd!
Live event caricaturist, Rhoda Draws A Crowd!

DIGITAL CARICATURES for your next special event. While Rhoda draws & paints on a computer with an art tablet, the developing image is projected onto a big screen, so everyone can observe each amazing likeness take shape in about 5 minutes. Prints include your logo or graphic.

A DIGITAL caricaturist is perfect for trade shows, corporate events, or any party where you want a spectacular attraction for your guests or clients. Special bonus: After the event, you get all digital caricatures on a CD!

Rhoda REALLY draws a crowd at conventions! Attendees will flock to your booth, standing in line for the opportunity to have Rhoda capture their likeness in a few minutes. While they gather around to enjoy watching her work, you have a captive audience for your brand.

Rhoda has been drawing crowds as a professional caricaturist for over 35 years. She is an award-winning pioneer in DIGITAL caricature and also gives you a choice of more traditional caricature drawings. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rhoda is available nation-wide, or in any country where people have faces.

Location: San Francisco, CA

To book Rhoda Draws A Crowd!, Please contact us